CSL Soluble Feed 4,5kg 20mm

CSL Soluble Feed 4,5kg 20mm

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Flat price for everyone. Buy larger quantities for a little lower price per kg.

Feed boilie made to break down on the lake bed in less than 12 hours, depending on water temperature it can be as fast as 4-5 hours. After that time they are still more or less round, but very soft and even a small fish will break it down fast. The prefect feed bait. It is made with only easily digestible ingredients, predigested proteins and natural sugars which will make it sweet and easily edible for all fish.

This will insure the fish will eat it and come back for more, again and again. Mix it with 10-20% of your chosen hookbait boilie for optimal results and save a lot on the big feeding campaigns. 

It has a crunchy structure, so the active ingredients gets released into the water as quickly as possible and maximize the effect much faster than other boilies.

Ingredients used are: Crushed corn, sweetcorn aroma, corn steep liquid, corn steep powder, maize protein, low fat milk powders, semolina,  enzyme treated soy flour, essential oils, No eggs or egg powders used! 


Model/Product no.: 5565