BNB Basemix 5,0 kg

BNB Basemix 5,0 kg

39,60 EURO

The most successful baits we have. The BNB has accounted for so many Personal Bests, Big Hits and BIG fish across the world. This incredible bait is made up of no less than 28 seperate ingredients.

We put this bait together with some of the finest ingredients we could get our hands on. A blend of exotic fruits, sea weeds, roots, nuts, egg birdfoods, crushed seeds and a very unique natural sweetener to obtain a very high content of antioxidants, aminos, vitamins and minerals. This bait is full of easily digestible proteins.

The BNB has a nutty but sweet profile, great for all year round use.

Add eggs and BNB liquid to the mix.

30-40ml liquid per kilo + 8-9 eggs.

Model/Product no.: 3520