Pink Scopex Squid 4,5kg 16mm

Pink Scopex Squid 4,5kg 16mm

48,40 EURO

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New improved version with more Squid, more Fishmeal and more Crayfish meal

The Classic Scopex Squid that has produced time and time again. We have taken the all time amazing Scopex infused with Pink Squid Meal, sprinkling in a good helping of our top quality fish meal. Top quality Milk Proteins, Crayfish meal, Pre-digested fishmeal, LT94 Fishmeal, Squid extract, Squid meal, Crushed Hemp and Tigernuts. This is a bait that can be used through the seasons, a bait that will work on all continents. We have made this to be a strong, firm bait which can be used for long distance baiting.

Model/Product no.: 5725