Yellow Pineapple 4.5 kg 20mm

Yellow Pineapple 4.5 kg 20mm

IMPORTANT! The warehouse of Northern Baits / NB Pro Tackle has moved to Germany. That´s why it´s at the moment not possible to order & pay anything here on this website.

Please order now on the webshop of COMMON BAITS Germany. You can translate the entire website into your language there. Simply select your language at the top right of the Commo Baits website.

The prices on the Common Baits website already include VAT.

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We have created a simple but effective fruit bait designed to keep the carp coming back for more. A subtle flavour profile packed with attractors and aminos using quality ingredients. We have used a base mix similar to our Milky Amino but without all the bells and whistles, this can be fed all year around and is perfect for your upcoming campaign on the rivers or the lakes.

Model/Product no.: 5560-20mm
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