Kriller 4.5 kg 20mm

Kriller 4.5 kg 20mm

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This Krill fishmeal bait with loads of krill inside including our Krill Extract.
Krill based baits have always produced. We like to think ours will stand the test of time on any lake you introduce it too, by blending two of the finest fish meals available LT94 & Pre-Digested Fish Meal plus extra added liquids.

We have added the highest amount of Pure Krill we could possibly get away with, high amounts of Pure Fish Hydrolysate, Milk Proteins, Essential Amino Acids, Vitamins, Fermented Maize Protein, Spices and Himalayan Rock Salt. The result is a bait that fish will readily eat and come back for more every time.

Model/Product no.: 3020
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