S-PROcoco Activator - 250ml (test bait)

S-PROcoco Activator - 250ml (test bait)

11,00 EURO

My new 2022 test bait is something very different from what I have done before. Use this activator liquid/dip to make it even better. It will start the fermentation process fast and make the baits sticky and much more active.


About the S-PROcoco range:

Look at it like this. If you take a top bait and add yeast. This bait will be a little better. If you add squid powder, again a little better, add liver powder = better. this list goes on and on for this bait

I wanted to make a firm and strong bait for everybody to use in all conditions, but still super attractive and effective.

This bait is packed with some of the bait worlds best and most effective attractors in all times. Things like Procacell yeast, Hydrolyzed Liver powder, Squid Extracts, Crushed Hemp, Predigested fishmeal, Vanilla extracts, different spices, milk proteins, peanut extract, N-Butyric Acid, Black Pepper Essential Oil, Coconut bait enhancher, Sweeteners, Vanillin, Caramel powder, Scopex, Liquid nut extracts, Liquid amino compound and flavors.

The bait is white, with a sweet taste and have a rounded creamy coconut flavour to it.

The bait is very expensive to produce and for that reason we also have other baits to test, so all testers can test products and dont have to test this bait only. 

Model/Product no.: 5965